Cuando estas enojado, haces muchas idioteces que luego terminan afectando a terceros, cuartos y quintos... A pesar de que no era tu intencion. Si quisiera explicarles porque demonios escribo estas lineas, pasarian dias enteros explicando las complejidades de esta humanidad.
Pero no los pienso aburrir tanto...
Lo que si... los dejo con lo que escribi cuando mas encabronado estaba... si en ingles, porque estaba enojado en ingles, lo siento... jajaja:


Hate is all I have left. If you think you can have some I will give you plenty. Thanks for proving that I was never wrong, that all humanity is shit. That there is no purpose in life, and that we all die as the walking maggot feeding carcasses we are. Stupid monkey, you felt you were special, that you could cheat the system, but all that confidence came to bite you back. There you are, with your heart in the trashcan, again. For what you promise will be the last. Don’t you dare to pick it up there is no need. That hole in your chest is just what you need to fuel the anger. Destroy the world, stupid monkey. It gets easier by the time. You know it, because you’ve endured so much pain. With a glance you have the power to rip the world in two. Feel the power little monkey. Hate.
Running away from itself, monkey has torn its feet apart. It can’t stop the voices calling him. Monkey did tried to drown them in the river, but the voices wouldn’t stop, no matter how deep it dove. The monkey tried to slash its own ears with a very sharp stone, but the blood clogging the ear canal made the voices yell stronger. Monkey lies bleeding to death, knowing that those voices are its own…
Monkey was tired of words, words like rejection and loneliness, it knew they hurt, but never expected that those same words would drive him insane. Insanity is another word the monkey learned. Its vocabulary was growing as life was escaping, panting, and with each breathe, hurting. Monkey was not cautious. Being around men, posing as one, was more dangerous than the jungle where it grew.
Shouldn’t have left the jungle. Shouldn’t have tired to rise above all and defy nature. A monkey is a monkey, and it always be a useless tree dwelling beast that can’t dream and much less be a man.
Die, monkey, die.

Y con este texto simiesco, casi orangutanesco, que no puedo dejar de compartir con ustedes... y las tres personas que leen este blog... aqui los dejo tambien con el link al video mas nuevo de ALBATON... ya se la saben piquenle a la fotillo, que es el link... el changuito no muerde... jaja

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